Core Focus


My prime focus is to improve the daily life of individual citizens, from our youngest pre-schoolers to our most senior citizens, rather than solely appeasing enterprising business. To do that, I’ve decided to focus on 3 Core Interests that will affect the most people.


Education is the single most vital factor in furthering progress in any society. Our award-winning District-1 School System is a shining example of public education done right, but it’s suffering from 2 large problems – an underfunded system and overcrowded system, and teachers who are being vastly underpaid for their stellar work, proven by the results of our students. 

■ Increase in-take

Work with FUSD for adding new class rooms, where possible

Add new Floors if the land is a constraint

■ Retain the best Teachers from moving out of Fremont

Work with FUSD and other Governing & Decision-making authorities in support 

of Teachers Salaries hike

Build Educators Colonies to create affordable housing for Educators

■ Convert Ohlone College into a 4 Year College

Work with the Ohlone College Board and all other authorities to bring consensus

in support of converting Ohlone into a 4-year college 


Creating more opportunities for employment is another main goal which will greatly benefit our community. This will allow us to generate more revenue for the upkeep of our beautiful city, as well as empower a thriving economy. 

■ Support small & medium business owners and potential entrepreneurs

Offer incentives to promote entrepreneurs to promote businesses

Incubating Center to attract and facilitate innovation for budding 

young entreasures with disruptive ideas that can influence human


■ Build Local Jobs

Invite medium to large technology and manufacturing companies 

to create more local jobs

Increase Revenues to spend on Infrastructure development


While Fremont is a very safe and family-friendly city, there has been a sharp rise in crime observable in the last few years. Several incidences of breaking and entering, assault, and theft have been recorded. Our very sense of security is being infringed upon, and I aim to set in place systems that will deter such wrongdoing. 

■ Safety and Quality Living:

Minimize the response time by adding a sub-station in North Fremont. Ideally, 

use the Fire station as a stop-gap arrangement.

Increase the Police Workforce for constant and increased patrolling.

Technology adoption such as Number Plate Tracking Systems on the 


Work with Home Owners and Apartment Managements emphasizing the need 

for surveillance cameras and technology adoption.

■ Traffic Congestion:

Technology can help. Networked systems sharing rich data about roads and 

pedestrians. Implement smart city initiatives, implement V2V (Vehicle To 

Vehicle) and V2I (Vehicle to Infra).

Negotiate with companies for company sponsored transportation.

Expand Park & Ride facilities to encourage car pools & public transport system

Technology upgradation of traffic signaling systems to bring effectiveness in 

controlling the traffic

Work with Authorities to expedite BART extension to South Bay. Increase 

frequency of BART at peak hours

■ Affordable Housing

Planned growth is the key

Support affordable housing plans for Senior Citizens, Veterans, Teachers, Police 

and Firefighters and working community with low 


Create “Colonies” for low income groups by forming a consortium with City, 

Working Class Group Unions and Builders who can support this noble cause as 

part of their corporate responsibility.

My philosophy is “FREMONT-FIRST”, and my idea of ethical governance is