Meet Chandu

Chandrakala [Chandu] Siramdas

Decisive, Determined & Dependable Leader !! 

Master’s in Political Science, Bachelors’ in Law & Economics

Community Volunteer & Leader




Fremont is an amazing city with so much potential. Having lived here for decades, as a long time community leader and a businesswoman, I understand the improvements we need in our neighborhoods. We should preserve our historic past and actively pursue new ideas to ensure a sustainable growth. My single-line objective is to make Fremont a CITY OF CHOICE for Superior Education, Local Jobs, Safe and Quality Living. Many of our issues are interlinked and can be attempted adequately with my vision for a better Fremont grounded on EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT AND EMPOWERMENT.


I earned a Bachelor’s in Law and Economics, and Master’s in Political Science. I am a proud mother of two sons. Both graduated from American High School, and are studying Robotics Engineering. My beloved husband, Shravan Siramdas is a Senior Executive with Top-Tier Technology Companies. Shravan has been devoting his time to innovating technologies that can influence human lives.


Although I may be new to politics, I am not new to being a public servant. I have been a member of a not-for-profit organization promoting & protecting the cultural and ethical value system for over 10 years. I served in various roles including Event Director, Vice President, President, and am currently the Chairwoman. This organization is dear to me because of its mission of preserving and passing on our culture and our traditions to the next generations. 


My husband and I also helped in founding a Hindu Temple in San Ramon 7 years ago. This temple is a huge source of pride for me because of the way it’s attracted amazing volunteers, who are the beating heart of our organizers and executive member team. We have created a wonderfully accepting space for the community, where people from across religions can benefit from our services. Some examples include our “Sandwich Seva [Service]” which providing food for the needy in the neighborhoods, free Yoga classes to strengthen the mind and body, talks conducted by motivational speakers and spiritual leaders, “donor camps” at which potential bone marrow donors were tested and registered as donors, as well as teaching programming languages to high school students.


I will accept nothing less than transparency, accountability and balance in actions that impact us. I pledge to listen to and work with people and other governing organizations for positive change. I can be a DECISIVE, DETERMINED, AND DEPENDABLE Leader for District-1. My philosophy is “FREMONT-FIRST”, and my idea of ethical governance is “APPEASEMENT OF NONE & JUSTICE FOR ALL”.


Help me to help the community!

Let’s work hand-in-hand to make a better community for one &; all !!








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“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi